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Claan (pronounced "cla-an")

We are a full service creative agency. We work disruptive ideas and enjoy going off brief to build bespoke solutions that help our clients bootstrap their brands, successfully run their businesses, and build strong relationships with their audiences.

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Three reasons to work with us
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  • We design communication, image and brand strategies, develop strong concepts, create guidelines and graphic identities our signage and orientation systems for workspaces stand out, so does the design and implementation of iOS, Android and web applications, portals, websites and online stores on an everyday basis.

  • Digital and Design
  • We design and build iOS, Android and web applications, portals, websites and online stores on an everyday basis. We are especially good at creating things which didn’t exist before, from scratch and tailored to your needs.

  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • We design signage and orientation systems that stand out. We turn visuals into applied communication and carefully craft tangible interfaces to foster your productivity.

  • Creative Consultancy
  • We design communication, image and brand strategies, develop strong concepts, create guidelines and graphic identities. You will appreciate a fresh new thinking and visual approach finding contemporary ways to communicate your stories.

Our services

We are a full service creative agency
  • Creative Consultancy
  • Art Direction
  • App Design & Development
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Concept Development
  • Branding, Identity & Naming
  • Workspace Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Image Production
  • Installation
  • Motion & Animation
  • Prototyping & Packaging
  • Set & Exhibition Design

Selected clients

Dow's Port
EF Education First
University of Porto
Symington Family Estates
Short story
Together since 2004

We started to become Claan in Rotterdam, back in 2004, while playing and experimenting techniques within different disciplines and learning sophisticated methodologies in a contemporary and cutting edge environment which gave us a fantastic grounding.

Through artistic research, critical thinking and a practice oriented approach we trained our design capabilities, acquired technical know-how and expertise.

The following years we worked together on ‘hi!tech’ the magazine for research and innovation from Siemens labs, in Vienna.

In 2008 we’ve established Claan as a company and began our journey to build a creative agency, embracing complex challenges as a team and creating work spanning the fields of design strategy, digital products and everyday spaces.

‘I have to change to stay the same’
neon inscription by Willem de Kooning at the façade of the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, 2007
To be a Claan

Claan means to be part of a group united by the drive to create beautiful yet functional things. Our multicultural background and diverse interests are our strongest assets as we embrace one another’s differences with respect and build on each others ideas and expertise.

We are makers, designers, hackers, artists, explorers, risk-takers, thinkers and we love what we do.

Through art and design we make a positive impact.

We keep the team small to be involved with every stage of the process, from concepts to production, research and ideation, conceptual exploration, visualization and prototyping, iterations, design and implementation until getting it out into the world.

Over the years we have been working with a variety of inspired people from all over the world who face each day with curiosity, optimism and a sense of humor while sharing common values. This is the talent who makes up Claan everyday and it’s growing collection of capabilities and stories over the years. Working with professionals and nationalities from countries as diverse as Austria, Chile, Italy, Nicaragua, Portugal, Russia, Spain and USA leads to innovation, enriches the final outcome and helps to solve complex problems collaboratively.

Together we find time to learn how to make original homemade calabrian raviolis from scratch, build a 3D printer, spend hours experimenting in the photography studio, create a No-Signage System or train Vincent some new tricks.

On a final note, part of the success is due to a very talented mood manager, Vincent van Dog.

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Vincent van Dog
Mood Manager

Vincent is a rescued Labradusky, he joined Claan in 2012 still as a cute little irreverent puppy and has since then patiently contributed to 1000+ meetings, 100+ photo shootings and given his advice to 10.000+ conference calls and talks all while building his own career as an acting superstar.

Talks and lectures in Chile, Brazil and Europe

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess and a handsome prince,… if this is the kind of story you are looking for continue searching, we are not the right people!
We will tell you about hard moments, struggle, failure but also about joy, opportunities and success. Our journey is made of growth, challenges, serendipity and will we share our knowledge, work processes, findings and personal experiences. We might also talk about dogs, food and non-sense.

If you would like to book us for a conference, lecture or a workshop write us.

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