Canal 180 Scaffold Logo Landmark

Canal 180 is a Portuguese open source TV channel, an innovative multi-platform project dedicated to culture, arts and creativity. To communicate their visual identity in a physical dimension of the workplace we were asked for help. Throughout the process it became clear that Canal 180 was searching for a way to express the brand’s image and identity not only inside their office space but also in workspaces as diverse as festivals, creative camps and public events.

A constraint was to find a modular, industrial and neutral system, versatile enough, ready-to-assemble, easy to dismantle and to carry around to all events. The structure should convey flexibility, be a blank canvas which could be customised with different layers of aesthetics and interactions just as the digital version of the logo is used on tv.

The result is a landmark made entirely made of scaffolding, a simple utilitarian everyday material and yet an extremely robust and versatile system. It resembles Lego but at much larger scale and promotes the interaction between the object and the public, artists, visitors or participants. The spaces defined inside the sculpture can be inhabited, visited and experienced.

This building technique is robust and intemporal and the final piece as a highly customisable structure can be renewed using new layers of different materials such as colors, textures or light.

The material used in the construction industry to support and give access to the works is now repurposed for as a branded sculpture. Due to the size of 2,5 per 4,45 meters the sculpture took a while to be built and was turned into a creative act, a collaboration and performance within the line up of the 180 Creative Camp in 2014.

For this specific event we designed the “Rainbow Edition” which consists of several water nozzles creating a cloud of spray. This mist of water is acting like a prism and when the sculpture is installed outdoors in a sunny spot the dynamic aspects of air, water and light produce colourful rainbows.